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Empowering Hirakan: Launching Success

Driving growth for a startup in the Japanese language learning market through strategic distribution, product development, and targeted traffic acquisition.

Acquiring the first customers

Hirakan, a new player in the Japanese language learning space, entered the market in February 2023 with their innovative study tools. Their range of products, including kanji posters and hiragana/katakana mugs, aims to make learning accessible and convenient for learners.

With humble beginnings and limited resources, Hirakan faces the challenge of building their product offering and attracting an audience on a tight budget. As their trusted partner, I collaborate closely with them to develop an effective traffic acquisition strategy and optimize distribution channels.

Together, we work on various aspects of their business, from creating a user-friendly website and setting up their Etsy store to guiding product development and acquiring the first customers. Our shared goal is to empower Japanese language learners by providing them with practical study tools and a seamless learning experience.

My Results (in progress)

- Built the Shopify website and opened Etsy store
-70,000 views on TikTok
- 30,000 monthly views on Pinterest
- Generated the first $1,000 in sales

How I did it


Diverse Distribution Channels

To maximize visibility and reach, I implemented a multi-channel distribution strategy for Hirakan. This included creating a user-friendly Shopify website to capture organic traffic and establish the brand's online presence. Additionally, I tapped into the vast audience of Etsy by setting up an Etsy store. In the future, we plan to expand further by launching stores on eBay and Amazon, leveraging their wide customer base.


Customer-Centric Product Development

Together, we focused on developing a compelling product portfolio tailored to the needs of Japanese language learners. With a primary emphasis on beginner-level tools, we carefully considered user preferences and feedback to ensure our offerings resonate with the target audience. Our goal is to introduce 8-10 thoughtfully designed products that cater to various learning requirements.


Targeted Traffic Acquisition

With limitations in resources, I adopted a targeted approach to traffic acquisition. Firstly, I prioritized SEO by creating a blog to drive organic traffic and enhance search engine visibility. Secondly, I harnessed the power of Pinterest as a social media platform to showcase the study tools and engage with potential customers. Lastly, I leveraged the growing influence of TikTok for influencer marketing campaigns, connecting with relevant influencers to amplify the brand reach.

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