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Building the Foundation for Future Growth

Transforming PPC Success: Taking Rakuten Travel Experiences from Zero to $20,000 Monthly Spend with Impressive ROI

A new Rakuten service facing challenges

Rakuten Travel Experiences, a new addition to the esteemed Rakuten Group Inc., introduces an exciting range of domestic and outbound Tours and Activities to the Japanese market.


As a nascent service, it encountered the common challenges of acquiring traffic and optimizing conversion rates. In this dynamic landscape, I spearheaded the development of a tailored PPC strategy.


Despite facing initial hurdles, such as low conversion rates, I strategically targeted highly converting keywords, paving the way for increased visibility and enhanced customer engagement.

My Results

- From $0 to $20,000 spends/month in 4 months
- 10x ROAS
- 50% ROI

How I did it


High-Converting Keywords

In a landscape with tight margins and challenging conversion rates, I prioritized the use of highly converting keywords. By honing in on these targeted terms, I ensured strong ROAS and profitable ROI, maximizing the effectiveness of each ad campaign.


Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

With a vast inventory of several thousand products, I leveraged DSA to group product pages into relevant categories. This strategic approach allowed for the launch of targeted campaigns, reaching potential customers with tailored messaging that aligned with their specific search intent.


From Manual to Automatic

Understanding the importance of data for a new account, I started with manual bidding strategies to collect valuable insights and provide Google's algorithm with data. As a result, we seamlessly transitioned to automated strategies, enabling us to drive even more impactful results.

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