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Accelerating Traffic Addicts' Digital Rise

How an effective traffic acquisition strategy and viral content fueled rapid growth in the infotainment industry.

Aggressive traffic acquisition

Traffic Addicts managed a collection of engaging French infotainment websites. As a traffic acquisition specialist, I was enlisted from the start to design and implement an efficient traffic acquisition strategy.

In the course of a year, our collaborative efforts transformed Traffic Addicts from a fresh startup into a leading player in the French infotainment industry. We achieved this impressive turnaround through a well-executed plan focused on paid traffic acquisition. Through aggressive scaling, we rapidly increased our reach and impact, accumulating a staggering 3,000,000 visitors in 12 months.

A critical element of our strategy centered on the creation of captivating, culturally-relevant content, tailored specifically to resonate with the French market. This not only increased the virality potential of our content but also encouraged users to spend more time on our sites and browse through multiple pages, boosting our advertising revenue significantly.

My Results

- From 0 to 3,000,000 visitors in 12 months
- Became one the top French infotainment networks
- ROI 130%

How I did it


Crafting Viral Content

 I focused on creating appealing articles that were not just engaging but had a high potential to go viral. The strategy was to generate a significant amount of content, study which articles performed well, and continuously refine them for better results.


Utilizing Native Ads

I effectively used native advertising networks for acquiring traffic, taking advantage of their cost-effective CPC and high-quality traffic. Additionally, I introduced other platforms like Facebook to our marketing mix, which helped both in gaining more traffic and enhancing our brand's visibility.


Persistent Testing

I remained committed to frequent testing and adaptation. This involved launching new ads, combating ad fatigue, and continually striving to increase both the CTR of our ads and the time users spent on our website. This constant evaluation and improvement formed the backbone of our success.

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