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Transitioning From Growth to Profitability

Shifting Voyagin's PPC Strategy: From High Spending for Growth, to Sustainable Profits

Travel start-up looking for profitability

Voyagin, a renowned Japanese travel start-up, specialized in offering Tours and Activities to both inbound tourists visiting Japan, and Japanese people traveling abroad.

After securing investment in 2015 and setting ambitious growth objectives, Voyagin faced the critical need to scale down their expenses and achieve profitability in 2019.

While most would have reduced spending, I took a different approach. In fact, I increased spending by 20%, reached profitability on their account, and helped Voyagin reach their financial goals.

My Results

- Increased spending to $600,000 (+20% YoY)
- Lowered CPA by 37%
- Increased volume by 28%
- Achieved profitability with 30% ROI

How I did it



 revamped the account structure by adopting the then highly effective Single Keyword Ad Groups approach. This involved meticulously reorganizing each campaign, ensuring optimal performance and relevance for each targeted keyword.


New Campaigns and Networks

 I launched new campaigns and explored additional networks like Bing Ads to increase volume for Voyagin's inventory. Some delivered impressive results, while others provided valuable insights for optimization.



Recognizing Voyagin's objective to achieve profitability alongside growth, I consistently conducted experiments to identify the most effective strategies. These experiments proved invaluable in enhancing the account's overall performance, contributing significantly to our success.

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